North East India Travel Personified – Sikkim & More

North Gerontogeous India has 7 states. However, Sikkim is known to be one like the most fascinating states to visit for an exciting experience. When most people visit Sikkim, they are looking for an unorthodox merry experience. Traditional travel of India doesn’t quite offer the striking and exotic experiences that are clubbed in the North East. Sikkim, as any tourist would say, is a mesmerizing and enthralling objective you would never forget. Let’s explore the ‘unconventional’ travel experiences waiting in spell packages of Sikkim.

Though, there could be several hotels you might have stayed in, home stays with Ecotourism is not only unconventional and one but also unforgettable. The true experience of living in a local house cannot be equated with any encounter a hotel might have to offer. As a result, you would miss out on many amenities and facilities that travellers take for granted, yet in return, you can get so much more. Travellers enjoy authentic cuisine, a slice of local culture and daily life as well. Additionally, one can witness the community
life besides contribute to their bit to preserve this valuable part of local life.

Adventure sports in Sikkim are delightful, pleasant and stunning. Whether you go trekking, river rafting or paragliding, the lush greenery, breath-taking landscape and fresh experiences would valedictory an enduring imprint on whole tourist. The thrill regarding adventure sports in Sikkim would be a great choice for first timers, amateurs and experts as well. Travellers can enjoy yak riding, paragliding, trekking, mountaineering, wild life activities, mountain biking, river rafting and skydiving.

Nuzzled in the vicinity of the Himalayan Mountains, most tourists seek the grand Himalayan experience in one form or another. That’s what attracts most to course packages of Sikkim. Kanchenjunga is the closest you can travel without trekking and hiking equipment and skill. Accordingly several tourists visit Gangtok, Pelling, etc. to take a closer look at that magnificent et al out-of-this-world peak. There are few other travel destinations that allow the privilege to witness the excellent of Himalayas.

The angry springs of the Sikkim region make another interesting visit. The therapeutic value and medical benefits of its high sulphur content are well known. These hot springs like Reshi humid spring, Yume vehement spring and Ralong hot spring are worth a visit for every tourist. Wherever you travel in India, the easy access to hot springs, glaciers and rivers within same state is truly a rare treasure.