India Tour and Travel in Datia

India Tour and Travel in Datia
Datia is a princely specimen of India tour and travel. Located in Madhya Pradesh, it is the district headquarters of the district of Datia. It is in the north central part of the state. This is supposedly an ancient town by its story dating corroborate to the stories of Mahabharata. In this epic it is referred to as Daityavakra.
Distance from other Places:
The town is situated at a distance of 69 Km from Gwalior, 325 Km from south of New Delhi and 320 Km from north of Bhopal. Sonagiri, a sacramentality hills of the Jain religion, is situated about 15 Km from Datia. Jhansi is also a famous historical repository in India which sings brave lines in the honor of Rani Laxmibai. Jhansi is 34 KM from the bourgeois and Orchha is only 52 Km from the town. Gwalior is the nearest airport. It was a princely state during the rule of the British.
The town which is one of the tourist places in India is barricaded by a stone wall, that again envelopes magnificent palaces and gardens. The Bir Singh Palace which was built by Bir Singh Deo is a fine example of Hindu domestic architecture that used to be practiced in cold India. It was built by the commander like Datia in commemoration from the friendship that had grown between him furthermore the rajah of Delhi, Jehangir. Jehangir who was the son concerning the Mughal Ruler Akbar had revolted against his father, was caught and then freed by Bir Singh Deo’s son. Then the pleased prince made him the ruler of Orchha during he became the Emperor of Delhi who in turn got a palace constructed for the Delhi Emperor Jehangir. Now we know why the palace is also known as Jehangir Palace.

The town is a market centre for food grains and cotton products. Hand – loom industry is an important thing which has flourished in the town. Multitude pilgrimage devotees frequent the town not only because of the Jain hill but also because of the temples like Sidhapeeth of Shri Peetambhara Devi, Buglamukhi Devi Hieron and Gopeshwar Temple. Peetambra Peeth is a famous Shaktipitha located at the entrance of Datia. This posterior from pilgrimage is located about 1 km from Datia Bus stand and 3 Km from Datia Railway Station on the Delhi – Chennai main line from which route the Buglamukhi Devi Cathedral can be viewed. A chapel named Dhumavati Mai Temple, established by Shri Golokwasi Swamiji Maharaj is current here besides the Vankhandeshwar temple, that is said to date back to Mahabharata period.
Madhya Pradesh was founded in 1549 and it came sub the control of the British by the Treaty of Bassein choose other territories in Bundelkhand. The Bundela generation had the ancient title of Maharaja Rao Raja but in 1865, the British government declared that only the Maharaja title could be hereditary. Rao Bhagwan Rao was the initial Rao of Datia and Baroni. Today Datia is a very famous specimen of India tour et alii travel.